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    One may know that as there are numerous courses and various fields where books are perhaps the only medium to spread all the knowledge, it is not practically possible to include each and every application and arenas of books. So, it totally depends on the donor, as to which kind of book he donates and accordingly we may create a separate section as the donations grow larger and myriad. If you are a registered user, then you can request for a book through the radio buttons provided. You can also search areawise to get a nearest donor. After the selection put your name and email ID at the bottom, so as to cross check your details as received during registration. The difference between the donated and shared books is shown by different colors used in their respective columns as follows:

                   Donated Books

                   Shared Books

If you feel that we should include other sections into the portal just mail your queries to or just fill it in our feedback page.

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If you want to request any searched book then send your place a request and we would reply you with the mail-id of the donor or the person given the book for share, if he/she agrees to it. Thereby you may directly contact the concerned person. To place any request, the above condition is to be fulfilled and you must be our registered user, otherwise your request will be nullified. So select the donor for you through radio button provided, fill out your name and email-ID and click the "Request Book" button to proceed.
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