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  5 most commonly asked FAQs
What makes donating through BookdonorsTM unique from the rest?
How can I donate my used books through BookdonorsTM?
How can I share my books with others through BookdonorsTM?
How can I request a book for me through BookdonorsTM?
If someone requests my books on BookdonorsTM then what should be my conduct?

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1.What is the concept of BookdonorsTM?

The BookdonorsTM is a unique portal which basically acts as a connecting link between those who have surplus and superfluous stocks of books which they have already read, with those who are on the contrary in need of books which might be very crucial to the later. If you are actually weary of your hoards of books lying idle after you have read them and now find no use of them as such, then you can obviously do a Samaritan’s Job of donating them to the needy. And this is what we promote here. This portal will facilitate you and connect you to the right person to whom you can donate. In short, the role would be of an intermediary. For more detailed study please refer to the Introduction page.

2.Why is it necessary to donate books especially those which I have already read and used?

There is a quote from one of the ancient Indian Texts, The Sam Veda - ".The virtues of donations are great because it helps the needy and at the same time it gives an opportunity to the donor to give the surplus to the people in need. It helps the needy to sustain himself.". If you have such books which you have studied and now they are just lying idle for no use, it is sensible and reasonable that you donate them and see to it that at least someone will read it. Perhaps, rather than being beneficial for those spiders in building there webs, that book can benefit the needy and those for whom it is vital. So, it becomes more incumbent on a person to donate them more so when the books are just lying idle.

3. What facilities do BookdonorsTM provide?

There is an obvious question as to what role could BookdonorsTM play to help you donate your used book to the right donee. We can actually help you out in doing the same. We provide you with the following facilities :
»You can donate your used books to the needy person by directly corresponding with him.
»You can share your books with others and thereby benefit from the facility and accessing all those books which weren't accessible until now.
»Finally, if you are the person in need of books and could not unfortunately afford it, you can find out donors of the you need and directly correspond with them, as we are here to specifically help you friends.

4. What makes donating through BookdonorsTM unique from the rest?
Ans. of course makes your donation unique. Here you just have to feed all the details of your used books. You’d be wondering about what to do of the books. Just read on …
Keep your books with you. Simultaneously, those users in need will search out the book he requires. Alongside the book he will be given an option to request the book. That request will be received by us. We’ll then forward you his details viz. Name, Town of Stay, Email Id. And a Residential Ph. Number. You can then verify whether he is the right person expected by you to owe your book. Along with the details you will be given a link to accept or reject the request according to your consideration. If you accept it, your Name, Email Id, and Phone Number (no. shown according to your wish). Through out the process you won’t be sending your books anywhere. The person in need himself will get in touch with you and request your books on his own responsibility and he himself will search you out and that too in his nearby area.(Search by the area).This makes BookdonorsTM truly unique.

5.Do I need to register to enjoy these facilities? Is it free?

Yes, you will have to register to enjoy the facilities of donating books, sharing books and requesting books. For those who want to donate their books and not yet registered can do so, as we’ll automatically make him our registered member. And registration is absolutely free, so get registered now.

6.The website seems not to maintain a login and user management system then why there is a need to register?

We require user details, as we have to keep the record of the details of our fellow users so that we can correspond with them or extend them with timely help as and when needed. We can also come to know who are using the facilities that we provide. We do not maintain any user management systems at least at the initial stages of this concept and feel to let it go popular for implementing user login systems, as we have nothing personal to do here. In fact BookdonorsTM is a collective effort. Of course all your registration details will be kept totally secret and secure.

7.How can I donate my used books through BookdonorsTM?

As mentioned, earlier how book donation is unique here. You just have to register with us, add any of the books you feel as useless and which might help someone else, in our resource Go to the Book Donation Page and then fill out a separate form with the details of the book (s) which you want to donate. This will be added onto our portal in a day or two. In this whole procedure, the donor has to keep those books with him until the requests comes. [To know further go to Q.(4) and Q.(13)]

8. How can I share my books with others through BookdonorsTM?

BookdonorsTM also provides for sharing of books with the fellow users of BookdonorsTM other than just providing for donation. To share the books the registered users has to fill in the details of the book they want to add for sharing with others on Books for Share Page, as mentioned for donation. The users can search for books to share with other users. This helps those who are eager to read all kinds of books including those which somehow are not yet accessible to the users. This facility will suit all those book lovers out there. BookdonorsTM will let you develop good social interactions with the fellow users and you both could be assured that the books are not being misused or not returned back. For that you can always find for book sharers nearby your area.

9. How can I find a book of my requirement on BookdonorsTM?

You can search for the books from the Book Request/Search page by just selecting some criteria like the category of book (e.g. school/college, degree and Professional courses), faculty/board and subcategories. Presently we have added just four broad categories and as far as any other categories are concerned can be found in 'Others' category. Also, we have provided a ready reference drop down list at almost all the pages with the name 'Available Books Lists' . Browse the fields of your requirement and there you are.

10. How can I request a book for me through BookdonorsTM?

There is Book Request Page especially dedicated for this purpose. Firstly, you have to search out the book of your requirement at the same page by appropriate selection of categories. Then select the book which you want, through the radio buttons provided. For that, at first select that entry of book(s) you require, then put your name and email-id in the 'Request' section and click the request button by which we receive your request.(NOTE: PLEASE CHECK YOUR EMAIL AFTER REQUESTING BECAUSE YOU WILL RECEIVE A CONFORMATION EMAIL.CLICK THE LINK PROVIDED IN THE MAIL AS ONLY THEN WILL WE BE ABLE TO RECEIVE YOUR REQUEST.) Once the donor accepts your request, you will receive a mail containing the details of the donor viz. Name, Town of Stay, Email ID and phone number (if provided). By that information, you both can contact each other and develop good interaction with the fellow donor. The responsibility of BookdonorsTM is only as an intermediary between the needy and the donor and will not be responsible in any other matters. We can surely help you out if you face any problems and of course tract you on that.For more details see Terms & Conditions.

11. What kind of books can I add as a donor on BookdonorsTM?

Yes, the donor can add any kinds of books ranging across wide fields and varieties as per his wish. If his book does not fit the provided fields, then he can add it under the head of Miscellaneous Books. He should keep in mine that he should be sincere in his conduct and must not add any books with any obscene or vulgar content or refer to any book which he does not own at all. ( see terms and conditions)

12. Are there any conditions on the number of requests that could be made by me?

Yes, BookdonorsTM has laid down some conditions on the number of requests that can be made by the users. The person can request only one book at a time. He has to donate at least one book to request one, the second time he goes for a request. It has been followed that in comparison to the requests, the donation should be more. Otherwise other requests will be rejected. (this is to be followed at least in these initial stages of the registering user, see Terms of Use.)

13. If someone requests my books on BookdonorsTM then what should be my conduct?

Once a request will be made of your donated book. We will receive that request; assess the details of the person requesting the book. Then we will forward an email to you containing the details of the requester. Along with the details you will be given a link to accept or reject the request according to your consideration. If you accept it, then your book your Name, Email ID, and Phone Number (according to your selections as to which details you want to be forwarded to the requester). Through out the process you won’t be sending your books anywhere. The person in need himself will get in touch with you and request your books on his own responsibility and he himself will search you out and that too preferably along his nearby area.( Search by the area).

14. Do I get any facility to get those books which I request to my place?

As of now BookdonorsTM is just acting as a connecting link between the donor and a capable donee for his books. So, the responsibility of BookdonorsTM actually limits to corresponding both of you. But, if you both come across any perils in communications or problems, we are always there for you. We will tract both of you about the progress. You can surely send us any of such problems on our feedback page or mail us at and we will correspond with within 24 hours.

15. Do you vouch for the integrity of those with whom I share my books?

No, BookdonorsTM is not at all responsible for any problems like failure of returning of books or default by the sharer. That’s why, we send the details of the user requesting to share your books or even in the matter of donation so that you can interact with them and find out his credibility according to you. Even we try our best to access all the requests made and only then we forward the requests to you. For more information on our disclaimer and terms, see our Terms and Conditions.

16. What should I do if I want to provide monetary aid or generously donate books to BookdonorsTM and thereby be a part of this noble cause?

If you feel to support and give any monetary aid to our cause or feel to make a generous donation of books too, you may mail us to on that matter.

17. How can I contact the authorities if I want to be a part of the team or extend help to BookdonorsTM?

If you even feel to be a part of BookdonorsTM Team you can be one. The concerned parties who are interested to be a partner would like to extend any other kind of help like technical or kind, or other related matter may visit our become a partner section in the Corporate Page where you will be assisted about how to interact with us in this respect.

18. How can I ask my queries relating to BookdonorsTM or send a feedback?

If you have any other queries regarding any matters not discussed here or want to know more about BookdonorsTM or have queries related to any technicalities or you want to share or ideas or experiences, you may send in your views on our Feedback page.


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