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  An Introduction

    We buy so many books in our day to day life.In school life we by books for our studies and so do in our college life. Sometimes the books are bought out of our hobbies for reading novels, encyclopedia, cookery books, travelling etc. And once they are done with they remain idle for most of the time and these books ultimately land up in scrap. But my dear friends would it be wise on our part to let away these invaluable treasure of books go redundant. No friends they still have utility for those who can’t afford to buy them for their educational requirements thanks to their adversity which fall heavy on their head.

    Now reading this if you feel to donate your books which otherwise lie idle in some of your spider infested shelves and rather help others doing a Samaritan's job, we will help you out to donate your books to the right person.

  We are providing you with a portal which will facilitate :
  To donate your book rather than throwing them off in scrap making best use of your book.
  To request such donors for books of your requirements if you can't afford one.
  To even provide for sharing your books with others if books you need are somehow not accessible to you. So, all the book lovers who crave to read new and new novels but cannot access them can now read them and get them or share them just through this unique web resource.

So, we are linking you all effectively so that every one is satisfied and we function as an intermediary between the one who want to genuinely donate the books and those who are in need of books.
Remember a beautiful excerpt from Sam Veda-
"The virtues of donations are great because it helps the needy and at the same time it gives an opportunity to the donor to give the surplus to the people in need. It helps the needy to sustain himself."

Hey, now what are you waiting for get registered now and enjoy the experience and it's totally free.

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