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This is an another better way to help those deprived of the books you have and for that if you are two minds i.e. you may want to help those pitied ones but you may feel it hard to part away with your book. So, you may share it with others and getit back when they have used. This helps everyone to a great extent.(Note: THE SITE WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY FRAUD OR CONFLICT OR MISBEHAVIOUR OF THE TWO PARTIES, AND FUNCTIONS ONLY AS A LINK BETWEEN THE TWO. See terms & conditions for more details.)
So, go ahead !
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Printed Price of Book(no compulsion)
We may like to know the price of the book the donor wants to donate. It is not mandatory. But you may mention it and we assure that it won't be shown to any one.
* You will receive a mail at the above mentioned email-id for conforming your enteries.
I accept the conditions and agree to comply with those considered for putting the books for share.(select the checkbox for your acceptance.)
The fields with the * mark are compulsory to be filled.
Notes regarding selections to Professional Courses >>
As there are many professional fields, to cover as many as possible we have created sections of the related fields, which are explained as follows:
Section-I   : Chartered Accountants/ Company Secratary / L.L.B. and Other Law Books.
Section-II  : Medicine/ B.Pharm, M.Pharm,M.B.B.S./ Bio-Technology/ Zoology \ Botany , etc.
Section-III : Civil Engineering/ Architecture/ Product Designing/ I.T./ Computer Courses/ B.Sc.I.T., etc.
The Miscellaneous Professions will cover all the rest.

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